Table Saw Safety Tips and Tricks

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Are you a woodworker? Have you been in this field since years or have just started? Well, let me tell you that woodworking is highly demanded profession these days and many people are making their heads around woodworking. But do you know what tool or equipment holds a significant place in woodworking? It’s the table saw!!

Yeah, table saw is the core and central piece of woodworking shops. If it is set up rightly, it can bring lots of accuracy in making clean cuts.

What does Table Saw Do?

Table saw cuts the boards with precision, to accurate length and creates angled cuts. Using a little help, table saw can also cut joinery. Add adjustable set of blades and then see how you can dadoes as well as rabbets and box joints too. Also, with table saw you can make precise tenons no matter what the size is.

Do you know that not using the table saw accurately can be dangerous? It has been reported that 43% of the 720,000 accidents or injuries are due to wrong use or carelessness with table saw. So today in this article, I will mention some of the precautions and tried techniques that will keep you away from any type of harm on table saw. Because table saw is the most used tool in woodworking shops, accidents are common and you must not be surprised at this. All you can do is take some precaution and save yourself from unexpected injuries.

Table saw is a multi-toothed blade that whirls at around 8000 rpm. Whirling at this speed automatically creates a sense of insecurity and asks you to pay caution while working. So following these tips will bring some confidence in you to use the table saw with complete care and safety too. If you will not use the table saw in a right manner, it will be hazardous. So I would suggest using a riving knife or a splitter so as to prevent kickback. Also, it will help you in keeping your hands away from the whirling multi toothed blade. Let’s read these safety precautions to follow while using a table saw:

Follow these tips before using table saw

  • Don’t wear loose clothes. It can come in your way while working and cause injury.
  • Never put anything in the pockets of shirt.
  • If you are wearing full sleeves, roll them up above elbows.
  • Don’t wear skid shoes ever.
  • If you are using portable table saw, make sure to fasten it tightly on the stand.
  • Never operate it if you are tired.
  • Always keep the power switch off before plugging in the saw.
  • Don’t forget to wear eye and ear protection.
  • Before starting the machine, do necessary visual check up.
  • Check the blade if it is tight.
  • Check the kickbacks pawls if they are working fine and also the alignment of splitter are ok or not.

Rules to use Table Saw

  • To prevent violent kickbacks, always keep a riving knife or a splitter.
  • Make sure to the set the height of the saw to make the top of the teeth not to extend than 3/8 inch above the work surface.
  • Always use a saw guard.
  • Keep an additional support at the table saw back.
  • Never try to pile up the work pieces while working.
  • Don’t keep your fingers or hands near the saw blade as it will cause serious injuries.
  • Don’t go back the blade and pull the stock.
  • While cutting the pieces, never release the work piece unless it doesn’t go all the way back the blade.
  • Never ever pick up the stock while the machine is running. Always turn it off and let the blade to stop first and then collect the stock or scrap.
  • While changing the blade, make sure to unplug the saw.
  • Make sure that the blade is clean and sharp, the alignment is working great and the saw is well tuned. Align the miter slot and fence properly with the blade so as to make it work fine.

How to do Ripping and Crosscutting?

  • Never use the rip fence and miter gauge together.
  • For crosscutting and ripping, use miter gauge.
  • If you are crosscutting a long work piece, it’s suggested to use a long miter gauge to hold the hanging board off the table.
  • Never use miter gauge for wide pieces or else it will force the gauge off the table front. Always use a sled for this purpose.
  • Don’t try to rip the wood that is warped, twisted or doesn’t have any edge. You need to join one face and one edge at least.
  • While rip cutting, always stand to the left of blade. Rest it depends upon where the blade has been located.
  • To make cuts narrower than 6 inches, use a push stick.
  • Apply force (feed) while ripping the piece between the fence and the blade.

Specialty Cuts

  • Control the work pieces by using a sled or a jig. It is because sometimes rip fence or gauge doesn’t offer support while cutting small pieces.
  • Raise the blade, clamp the work piece down and make a plunge cut. Never try to keep the work piece on moving blade.

I hope you understand how to keep yourself safe from table saw while working on it. So take a woodworking project today and start using safety measures.

Woodworking Bench – Must-Have for Woodworking Projects

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To start with any of your woodworking project, consider a woodworking bench. Major benefit of a bench depends upon your usage i.e. you can make the work simple or more complicated. Choice of bench is entirely dependent upon your woodworking project. If your project is small, basic bench will go and if the project is large, then you have to buy a bench accordingly.

A lot of woodworking benches are available on the internet that you can buy. Just browse some options and invest in that which fits your requirements. For a simple project, you can consider Four Board Bench. It is exactly the same as the name i.e. four boards.

What is a woodworking bench? It’s a place to keep and store your necessary equipment and tool while working. Now your work will be much easier as you don’t have to muddle with finding tools over and again. Everything will be under your court. The length of bench is flexible so as to accommodate with the place where you want to keep the bench. The bench offers a lot of work space as well as large shelf to keep your essential tools and equipment. Also, it has peg board to hang some tools and the length is 8 feet that can be customized according to your needs.

For those having large projects can go for Arbor bench. It is a beautiful woodworking bench that is designed perfectly where you can place some plantings to feel relaxed and comfortable while working. Although it is for complex projects, only few tools are needed to construct this bench. To construct it, all you need is an electric drill, nail set, saber saw, hammer and circular saw. Next, you just have to rip some boards to small dimensions and there you go!! If you don’t know how to fit it yourself, seek some help from lumberyard.

My favourite woodworking bench is that which has an umbrella in the centre and four benches are there. Different types of woods are used like redwood, teak or cedar so you can construct your workbench in any material. Is it possible to be a woodworker without a workbench? Obviously, not!! Let’s see why:

You cannot be a Woodworker without a Work Bench

Woodworking bench is very important for a woodworker. It is quite an important tool for woodworking projects or else your wood shop will lack in edge. Choose a workbench whether portable or stationary as both have their own pros and cons. Before buying, you have to be sure which one to buy that suits you best. With a workbench, you can finish the task sooner and faster. Also, workbench ensures your complete safety while at work and the cuttings come out to be more accurate.

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Before buying, just make sure that is the bench comfortable to work or only appealing to eye? Check out these things and think of all the factors like is it perfect at any location, anytime, anywhere or is it portable? Considering these factors is essential because it will make you understand that the bench you are going to buy is according to the requirements or not. You can also build a bench by yourself but it won’t be as light and comfortable as you can buy it from the market.

What Type of Bench is Good?

Height of the workbench is the main factor to consider as it must be according to your size. If it will be according to your size, then only you will be comfortable while working on it. Also, you have to sit naturally while working so as to cut precisely and accurately. Always check that the bench you have bought have drawers to store the tools safely. Plus, having kids near the woodworking bench is dangerous as the tools are risky that can harm the kids in many ways. Every workbench is important and different in various ways so here I am writing down some of them. Take a look:

Different Workbenches for Woodworking

Strength and durability are must to be in a workbench so that it doesn’t create any hindrance in between. Do you know what the exact need of a workbench is? It is to make you feel comfortable while cutting the wood precisely that is the crux of the entire project. To save yourself from backache, you have to be adjusted to the right height so that you don’t have to bend all over again for every cut.

Fixed bench: These are perfect if you have limited space to work. They are bought from the market and are designed with fixed measurement. You cannot customize it according to your needs. It can also be made but you have to be very careful while designing it. Light is must to be attached on the bench so that working at night gets easy. Many carpenters or woodworkers build their own benches as they craft them according to their own needs thus having much more freedom and comfort while woodworking. While constructing your own bench, make sure that you use solid material for the bench. Support beams must be made of solid wood to provide extra support to the workbench so that it can withstand heaviest woodworking projects.

Collapsible bench: Unlike fixed bench, collapsible bench is made commercially and you cannot design it by yourself. They are available in various sizes and shapes and also they can taken anywhere at any location due to them being collapsible. Plus, you can store these benches easily at any location because they take too less space. Benefit of these benches is that they are ideal to use even in garages. But the drawback to this bench is that sometimes it becomes difficult to work as they are limited to a small area.

I hope you get to know everything about woodworking workbench in detail. So buy a bench today and give a new edge to your woodworking shop. Have a happy woodworking!!

Tips and Tricks to Use the Router

Router is very useful to enhance the overall design of any woodworking project. You can just simply use a router in plastic, wood or fibreglass and it is capable to do shaping, grooving, engraving and making inlets. For the best woodworking results, use a router. A number of sizes are available in the routers to start with the different speeds and powers. As I mentioned it can be used on almost anything, some people use a router with diamond wheel accessory to nicely add detailing to ceramic and glass items.

You may feel frustrated at first while using a router but the frustration is not for longer duration as you will easily learn the tips and tricks on how to use a router and know what it can exactly do.

A router is a great way to cut fancy edges, perfect patterns, impeccable dadoes and rabbets etc. Let’s learn the tips on how to use it to produce incredible results.

Edge Routing

The very first thing to keep in mind is that you have to be very precise during edge cutting. All you need to do is clamp the board down and use the router in CCW direction around the piece of board. It will give perfect edge profiles and flawless cutting, in particular. Using sharp bit is necessary for clean edges and CCW direction is perfect to work on the top of the workpiece as it is easier to control the router this way.

It is not always recommended to use CCW direction because in some cases, it doesn’t work that well. Wood sometimes chips at the corners which can be solved by moving the router in clockwise direction by climb cutting at the southwest and northeast corners. If you are cutting a frame or anything from inside then clockwise direction works fine.

Before using the router, I would say using it on a scrap of wood to check the cutting and depth for fine results. Make deep cuts in every pass as it will save the board from chipping. Cut it deep every time though.

Cut Dadoes with a Jig

Dadoes are perfect to give support to the shelves that are on the cabinet or book cases sides. Dadoes or grooves are invisible support that can be given with the help of a jig. And the easiest ways to provide this is by using a router. A jig is a T square that is made from 2ft length of 1*2 screwed to straight length of 1*6. Use the jig perfectly while assembling the wood pieces using a carpenter’s square.

To match with the dado, buy a right bit so as to make the whole cut in one pass. Take a test piece and clamp the jig on the wood setting the straight bit ¼ inches deep and then make the pass around the right side of T part. Now you need to check the new dado with a square thus making it sure that the jig is now square and ready for the final process. It is suggested to mark the dado locations on the piece you are working on. Next, line up the grooves with marks and clamp the jig in the wood and dado away.

Rabbet Cutting

To inset plywood backs, rabbet is cut into the back edge of the cabinet or any bookcase. All what rabbets do is that they conceal dirty plywood edges to give a clean and tidy look!! For good rabbets, you must use special bits that perfectly cut the width. Any woodworking stores or home centres have these bits available individually or in kits and you can buy from them. The purpose of special bits is that they allow you to switch pilot bearings so that you can adjust the width of the rabbet with the same cutting bit.

Select the pilot bearing which will cut the groove with the same thickness as the plywood back has. This way you will be able to flush the plywood back with the cabinet back and by adjusting the depth of the router, the bit will then cut about ½ inches deep. It will leave enough space to do rest of the tasks like fastening and gluing. Make sure to do the cutting counter clockwise.

Cut Perfect Patterns

Patterns are a good option to create multiple copies of any shape you like using a router and bottom bearing flush trim router bit. The aim here is to create perfect pattern with smoother edges of course. To create a pattern, go for ½ or ¾ inches plywood or fibreboard or particle board. If you will use thin board, it will not give enough depth to the pilot bearing.

Trace the shape on the stock once you are done with the cutting. Use a jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out the shape and don’t just worry about the imperfections in the board as the flush trim bit will fix that. Next, attach the pattern using drywall screws to the stock and now you are almost done. Lastly, you just need to flip over the assembly and using a flush trim bit, create the duplicates.

If while routing, clamps get in the way don’t worry. Just stop and shift the piece then re-clamp it and start again with the routing to finish off the edge.

Something about Router Bits

Router bits are of two types including high speed steel and carbide tipped. I would recommend not wasting your money on buying high speed steel bits. The reason behind is that they are cheap and chip the wood or at times burn it as well because they don’t have ball bearing pilots. No doubt carbide bits are three times more expensive than steel bits but they are better and sharper.

The Benefits of Using Router Table in Home Improvement

Home redecoration, or home improvement, refers to the process which involves the renovation of your old structures at home. Aside from coming up with a better looking abode, it also serves as an amazing cause for a good return on investment most especially if you are planning to sell your house.

One way to deal with your home improvement project is by focusing on wood working. Rather than going through the hard way of working on things manually, you can make good use of a router table for your project.

All About Router Tables

router table
If we are talking about router tables, we are discussing to that wood working equipment which is stationary. It comes with several parts, including a spindle, which is vertically oriented and protruding from the table. A router table usually consists of various speeds which may range from 3000 to 24000 rpm. As for the spindle, there are several cutter heads that are attached, often known as router bits. As the working part of the tool is loaded, the cutter mold begins its function, getting profile. The router table also has a vertical fence which may be used as protection on the depth of the cut being placed horizontally. You may select that specific router table which produces accuracy in wood working.

Various manufacturers offer different router table brands. There are some models that come with greater wood working surface, as well as for routing. A router table also helps in keeping the environment clean and neat with all the facilities that it offers. It is also generally portable and durable, and may be rotated easily when it is required. Another top feature of the router table is the mounting hardware. It also has a tall aluminum fence which comes with adjusted face plates with shims that are considered as out feeder, with a router mounting plate which is made of aluminum.

For standard models, router tables have feather boards which help in making the process of wood working a whole lot easier. They are also attached basically with the table and the fence. They are also adjustable, thus helping in the attaching of work piece. These feather boards are the ones that are responsible for giving control and support. Due to their importance, they are simply attached to the fence. At the same time router bits can also be used for the routing process.

Availability in the Market

router table

These days, there are a lot of different router table brands that are being manufactured by different companies. They were manufactured with the goal of helping homeowners succeed in their home improvement project. Aside from the standard parts of these router tables, there are also other models that come with extra accessories. For instance, there are models that come with a pin router accessory which is widely used. This type of router comes with an attached pin, helping in hanging the router motor.

Router tables were primarily designed as a partner in any wood working project. Several years ago, people had to purchase separate parts such as the table, pin, and routers. However, the ones that are currently available these days are already top of the edge options. Depending on your budget, you know have the control over the type of purchase that you will be making. Therefore, this call for the need to make sure that you only choose the best router table that will fit the specific needs of your wood working project. Of course, aside from the main projects you have at home, it can also be used for simple projects, as well as a in producing a lot of wood works. For instance, your cupboards and kitchen cabinets can also be created with the use of a router table.

While there are a lot of options that are currently available in the market these days, you can certainly take advantage of the ones that can meet your specific needs. You may also want to take into consideration your budget when making a decision. Read some reviews first in order to make that well informed choice. After all, purchasing one can turn out to be a good investment as well.

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